Holiday Bliss: Secure Your Home and Have Peace of Mind with Helpany

The Advent and Christmas season holds a special place in the hearts of many. It’s a time to unwind, share moments with loved ones, and revel in the holiday spirit. However, it’s important to acknowledge that the festive season also coincides with an increased risk of security concerns, particularly home intrusions. Darker evenings, family visits, and holiday travels create favorable conditions for potential security issues. 

In the past year alone, Switzerland recorded over 35,000 reported burglaries in residential areas, averaging 96 incidents daily. [1] Taking precautionary measures to safeguard your home during the Christmas season is essential. Helpany, an innovative radar-system, offers a solution by providing continuous monitoring and protection for your home.  

Addressing Holiday Security Concerns  

Statistics from the Federal Statistical Office reveal a concerning 15% increase in burglary rates in Switzerland in 2022 compared to the previous year. [1] These figures highlight the seriousness of the issue, emphasizing the need for proactive security measures. Burglaries are not confined to nighttime; they can occur during the day, especially when residents are away. The winter season, with its longer periods of darkness, heightens the risk, leading to not only material losses but also psychological distress for those affected.  

Understanding the Psychological Impact  

A home burglary is a traumatic event that can leave lasting psychological effects. Individuals affected by such incidents may experience feelings of insecurity, anxiety, sleep disorders, and stress. Recognizing the psychological impact is crucial in addressing the broader implications of home intrusions. [2]  

Preventive Measures for Home Protection  

Several preventive measures can be taken to secure homes during absences. Installing security locks that create obstacles for potential intruders is effective, as are alarm systems and neighborhood watch initiatives. Collaboration among neighbors in observing and reporting suspicious activities enhances overall security.  

Helpany: Preserving Peace of Mind 

Helpany offers a reliable solution for protecting your home, especially during the Christmas holidays. Equipped with the radar-based device Paul and a user-friendly app, Helpany not only allows you to monitor your loved ones but also alerts in case of potential burglaries in your loved one’s home. Activating the burglar alarm function via the app ensures continuous monitoring.. If motion is detected an immediate notification gets sent to your Helpany app, enabling prompt action and potentially aiding in the apprehension of intruders. Additionally, Paul is designed to act as deterrent, flashing red to discourage potential burglars.  

Enjoy the Holidays with Helpany 

Helpany provides peace of mind during winter holidays. With advanced technology and intelligent security features, you can remotely monitor your home and respond promptly to any suspicious activities. Regardless of your location, rest assured that your home is under continuous protection. Enjoy the festive season without concerns about the safety of your or your loved one’s home.  

[1]  Federal Statistical Office – Crime Statistics 

[2] M. Kunst & D. Hoek: Psychological Distress Among Domestic Burglary Victims: A Systematic Review of Possible Risk and Protective Factors: 


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