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Helpany, a Swiss and San Francisco-based startup, is transforming resident care in assisted and independent living facilities with its AI based motion monitoring radar device “Paul”. 94% of residents leave care facilities due to unmet care needs, service dissatisfaction and health issues, leading to financial losses and liability risks. Currently facilities are lacking tools that are monitoring residents’ well-being and assessing fall risk factors while preserving privacy. Helpany solved this by introducing Paul, a radar-based device to monitor residents’ well-being, enabling the early detection of fall risks and health issues without compromising residents’ privacy or dignity. Their solution extends the average lease durations, enhance care services, and minimize liability risks.

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Sandro Cilurzo


Eugenie Nicoud


Arthur Habicht


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Our mission is to empower caregivers and family members through information – a pathway to healthier and happier residents.

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