Bridging Miles with Tech: A Daughter's Tale of Care Through Helpany

Navigating the complexities of caring for a loved one from afar can be both emotionally taxing and incredibly rewarding. Abbie finds herself in such a situation after her father’s recent passing, leaving her 78-year-old mother living alone miles away. She talks with her daily but often worries about her well-being. Discovering Helpany marked a turning point for Abbie, providing her with a solution that respects her mother’s privacy while ensuring her safety.

In our interview, Abbie shares her heartfelt experiences as a daughter striving to support her mother despite the physical distance. She reveals how Helpany has become an invaluable companion, offering peace of mind and lightening the burdens of caregiving from afar.



1. What challenges have you faced in your role as a family caregiver, and how have you addressed them?

The biggest challenges are patience, being overextended with work and caregiving, and emotional overload. My sister and I try to share the burden. She lives closer so she is with our mom more. We try to give each other time off when possible.

2. What caregiving responsibilities do you fulfill for your family?

I mostly fulfill the technical ones like helping mom with her TV and WiFi. The tasks concerning legal matters and medical decisions are the hardest for me.

3. How has your life changed since you began utilizing Helpany?

I have peace of mind being able to monitor my mom’s well-being from another state. I know if she’s sleeping through the night or pacing in the morning. It’s given me insight into what’s happening when no one is with her.

4. How has Helpany affected your mom?

My mom doesn’t even know Helpany is running in the background. She is not impacted by it but knows she can stay independent in her home longer.

5. What advice would you offer other family caregivers based on your experiences?

The more you can simplify and not complicate your parent’s lives, the better. The more help you have, the better you are all. Remote monitoring is a dignified way to make sure your parents are safe in their homes.

Thank you for your valuable insights, Abbie!

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