Start Preventing Falls

Helpany’s radar-based motion monitoring solution improves fall prevention and care services within senior communities.

“With Helpany, we are now equipped to better prevent falls, identify residents at risk, and monitor when care services have been provided. The assurance that comes from knowing a loved one is being properly cared for is immeasurable. This significantly enhances our customer satisfaction and the average lease duration.“

Jon Scott W. Executive Director of Fellowship Square-Mesa  and customer of Helpany

Less Falls

1/3 falls are preventable

Saves Time

Helpanys saves your caregivers 700 hours of fall-related administrative work annually

Increased Revenue

Improved fall prevention plans generate more revenue

Lower resident turnover

Preventable move-outs equate in $80’000.- dollars saved annually

Privacy Perservation

No Camera, No Microphone

No Lost Revenue

Care Service Validation

Start Preventing Falls.

Paul increases your revenue, reduces costs, and lowers your liability risks by helping you prevent falls and identify at-risk residents. 

Helpany App

displays real-time motion, well-being indicators, fall-risk factors and allows to configure individual motion-based alerts for residents.


allows 24/7 remote monitoring through its radar-based motion sensing, delivers motion-based well-being information and fall-risk factors to caregivers and residents.

Information to Prevent Falls

With Paul

With Paul, caregivers can spot residents at risk and decrease the likelihood of falls.

Without Paul 

Without Paul, caregivers do not know if residents have an increased risk of falling or other health-related problems.

Remote, Seamless Monitoring

Motion Monitoring

enables caregivers to remotely check on residents’ presence and activity in their apartments. It includes realtime movement monitoring, analysis of past activities, and notifications if residents start moving around.

Irregularity Alerts

Residents can enable motion-related alerts. Notifications can be generated for not entering the bedroom at night or not leaving the bedroom in the morning.

Health is Wealth Report

With the Health is Wealth Report, caregivers, residents, and their family members receive a weekly summary about the measured nocturnal restlessness, the daily sedentary behavior and activity level and the average pace of movement.

Paul in Communities

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