Revolutionary Motion Sensor Paul

Paul’s radar-based motion analysis improves fall prevention and allows caregivers to spot health-related problems early on.

Start Preventing Falls.

Paul increases your revenue, reduces costs, and lowers your liability risks by helping you prevent falls and identify at-risk residents. 

Helpany App

displays real-time motion, well-being indicators, fall-risk factors and allows to configure individual motion-based alerts for your residents.


allows 24/7 remote monitoring through its radar-based motion sensing, delivers motion-based well-being information and fall-risk factors for caregivers and residents.

Information to Prevent Falls

Without Paul

caregivers do not know if residents have an increased risk of falling or other health-related problems.

With Paul 

caregivers can spot residents at risk and decrease the likelihood of falls. 

Remote, Seamless Monitoring

Motion Monitoring

The motion-related features enable caregivers to remotely check if residents are present and active in their apartments. Also, if fall-risk residents start to move around, caregivers can get notified to assist faster.

Motion Alerts

Caregivers can configure multiple motion-related alerts to get notified if Paul detects irregularities in the motion patterns, acting like a safety net continuously running in the background.

Well-being Indicators

Caregivers can check multiple well-being indicators measured by Paul such as gait speed, sedentary behavior, steps walked, restlessness at night, frequent bathroom visits and much more.

3 Easy Steps

Place Paul on a shelf, plug in, connect to Wi-Fi, and download the Helpany app.


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